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(Net wt. 500 ML)


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Skin Polisher Set:

Are you a dark skin lady and looking for a 100% organic product that can glow and polish your skin without side effects then try KERATIN SKIN POLISHER SET.

Unique Features & Benefits:

  1. Skin polish helps the skin to get hydrated as hydrated and moisturized skin is the sign of healthy and youthful skin.
    2. To get radiant and glowing skin, the skin polish technique is used as it can give the fresh, softer, smoother and attractive skin.
    3. Restores natural pH balance and firmness
    4. Helps in reducing dark spots and discoloration

Skin polisher set 500 ml& 1000 ml a. Keratin blond powder / 1tea spoon b oxidizing emulgin 20 vlo, 2tea spoon c soothing lotion -1/2tea spoon d skin shiner -1/2 tea spoon mix the above to make a homogenize mixture apply on skin right after preparation. Leave the mixture for 10 to 15 minutes and massage with light hand for 3to 4 minutes wipe off after wards using sponge and cold water. Rinse with cold water as well.